Kitchen Filter banks Rebuilds

Extraction filters are an integral source for the distribution and extraction of grease.

When you need our service of Filter banks rebuilds?
  • When your poor or inadequate filters can have a major impact on airflow.
  • When buildup of fat in filters can dramatically reduce the performance of your system in the quality of ventilation.
  • More seriously when the particular buildup of fat and grease which can combust under high temperatures.
Why to choose our service?

At Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning we take up filter banks Rebuilds to replace your used and dirty filters competently. This can help dramatically to improve your home extraction system and stop the risk of devastating fires.

Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning proudly offer a reasonable and effective way of keeping your kitchen grease exhaust filters clean. Our technicians have considerable knowledge and thorough experience to undertake an extensive filter banks rebuilds throughout Sydney. Each and every aspect of our work is carried out in accordance with the highest Australian safety Standards.

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