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Fox Duct Cleaning is specialized in providing complete duct cleaning solutions for ducts and exhausts. Fox Ducts Cleaning provides advanced cleaning solutions for all types of ducts and exhausts regardless of their size, form and dimension.

The cleaning methods used by our team are frequently reviewed and updated for better standards and quality. All the work is carried out efficiently and as quietly as possible to ensure minimum disruption to your staff or customers.

Duct Cleaning

Our mission is to provide safe, clean and efficient duct cleaning services to our clients.

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What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Duct Cleaning means the cleaning of your HVAC systems. Air duct cleaning helps eliminate contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and very small particles of dust in your home or office conditioner system. Air conditioning duct cleaning is the best way in improving your home’s indoor air quality

Why to choose our Air Duct Cleaning service?

Our air conditioner professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC). They will recommend about the best way to deal with the cleaning process of your conditioner system. Our thoroughly done air duct cleaning service in Sydney will extend the life of your implements. Our air duct cleaning service will in turn save you money by saving energy and give you cleaner air to breathe.

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Our coil cleaning service

Coil Cleaning - Our coil cleaning service is the right choice for coil treatment in Sydney... Two types of coils are present in an air conditioner. They are evaporator coil also called as indoor coil and the condenser coil also called as outdoor coil. These coils control the temperatures, air flow and moisture of an air conditioning system.

What we do...

Cleaning the coils will reduce the operational costs, consumption of electricity; improve system efficiency and increases system life. Cleaning of coils should be done with extra care without damaging them. Technicians of fox duct and exhaust cleaning are experts in providing coil cleaning services.

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

At Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning we are committed for a dedicated and absolute service in the cleaning industry. Our technicians have the expertise and advanced technologies to ensure you receive a complete air duct cleaning. They are well trained to the highest Australian standards..

Residential and Industrial Duct Cleaners

We work carefully and with full attention to details in getting your duct as clean as possible that helps a long way to protect your important investment. We come up with a complete air duct cleaning service to help you maintain a clean, healthy, and comfortable living environment in your Sydney home/office.

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Need HVAC Duct Cleaning?

HVAC unit is the main starting place of air contamination. If the contaminants are not removed from the HVAC Unit then they cause health risks like irritation, sinus and many more. If the HVAC unit is not cleaned regularly, then they can decrease the quality of air and decrease the efficiency.

What we do...

Physical techniques, biocides or elementary Air Duct Sanitizers are used to clean HVAC ventilation systems. The type of techniques to be used depends on contagion, system constituents and the correct entry of the vicinity...

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Why to choose our kitchen exhaust system cleaning?

We come up with an all-inclusive kitchen exhaust system cleaning that includes several valuable services such as kitchen equipment and vent hood filter cleaning, exhaust fan hinge and fan access panel installation and much more.

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning Sydney

We undertake commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning throughout Sydney to clean your kitchen equipment and flooring through eco-friendly degreasers and high-powered pressure washers. Our restaurant exhaust systems in Sydney that we undertake by applying our specialized equipment and degreaser will deep clean your vent hood filters. Through our comprehensive kitchen cleaning in Sydney we can thoroughly clean your concrete by using our quality..

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I had an emergency due to the venting of the dryer; I called another company who couldn't fix the problem thoroughly. Then I called Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning. They did a terrific job left my cellar sparkling clean. They are extremely professional, very polite and friendly set of people. I am very pleased with the job they did.


I was suffering from severe morning allergies. My friend suggested me to hire Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning. Fox Duct and Exhaust Cleaning have an exceptional crew, professional and thorough in cleaning our systems. They worked many long hard hours a and were always trustworthy, polite and respectful of our home. My morning allergies are now gone.


Thank you for such a wonderful job. After 12 hours of rigorous work, you made an enormous difference with the air quality in our home compared to the one that was before cleaning, making us feel like we are living in a pollution free world. Your professionalism, workmanship, and knowledge of air duct cleaning are no doubt unmatched in the industry. We have recommended your services to all our friends and family. Thanks again.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens

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Duct Cleaning

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Fox Duct Cleaning is specialized in providing complete duct cleaning solutions
for ducts and exhausts


The most common cleaning frequency is every 3 months. This can vary, however. The kitchen exhaust systems that need cleaning must often are those over wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves. These should be cleaned every month at least, and in some cases as often as every 2 weeks.

The indoor and outdoor units should be serviced once each season, furnace in the winter, ac in the summer. This involves cleaning the outdoor coil for sure, inspecting electrical components, checking refrigerant charge, and cleaning furnace components as needed.

We are located at Green Valley, New South Wales, and providing our exhaust and HVAC duct cleaning services all over Sydney and suburbs, Liverpool Region, New South Wales.

It depends upon the projects. We give a quotation only after site inspections. We also send our inspection team for site inspection on demand. Air duct cleaning should take about 3-4 hours and cost between $300 and $500

You can pay with card or in cash. We also have easy mode of payment with installment.

You can pay with card or in cash. We also have easy mode of payment with installment.

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